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Alloyant Customer Support

Alloyant Wireless Technologies provides a comprehensive customer support portfolio encompassing all aspects of network deployment and operations.


  • Network Planning and Design: Alloyant will assist in planning and designing your network, including radio propagation planning, site selection, topology, capacity, services and manageability.

  • Network Deployment: On-ground assistance with network deployment, configuration and optimization performed by experienced field engineers.

  • Network Operations: Alloyant can perform remote and local network maintenance and operations while the operator transitions to self-sustained network management.

  • Training: Comprehensive product training: in-house, on the ground or online. Training courses include all skills and documentation needed to deploy, operate and maintain Alloyant broadband wireless products.

  • Online 24/7/365 Support: Alloyant provides secure remote online support with telephone, email and live chat assistance and access to a comprehensive support portal.

  • Advance Replacement: In case of an equipment failure for whatever reason, Alloyant will immediately and unconditionally ship a replacement part from dedicated stock with express air courier.