Alloyant: High Performance Broadband Wireless Networks
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Carrier-Class Broadband Wireless Access Solutions


  For Service Providers (Wireless ISP) and Carriers
Equipment solutions for Wireless ISPs and Carriers, both start-up and established, suitable for any spectrum or license type: FDD / TDD, WiMAX, LTE, CDMA, BWA / FWA, and UHF / PMR.
  Rural Broadband Access
Our systems are designed for ultra long range which is vital to effectively cover vast areas, making rural connectivity a viable business.
  For WiMAX, LTE Operators
Licensed mobile, nomadic and fixed broadband wireless access systems. In all aspects our systems are superior - guaranteed.
  For iBurst Operators
iBurst operators have a business continuity problem - the iBurst system has been discontinued. Our system provides a replacement with more advanced technology and guaranteed longevity.
  For CDMA/EVDO Operators
Our broadband wireless access systems support much longer ranges, higher data rates, and larger subscriber capacities than CDMA ever can.
  Oil, Gas, SCADA, Utility
Our systems can be used to efficiently and economically collect data and control smart sensors, electricity meters, SCADA sensors, pumps and any other industrial or utility devices that support serial or IP data.
  For Military/Public Safety
Our systems provide a highly secure, high performance broadband wireless network environment for public safety use - mobile voice, data, trunk (Push to Talk). Highly effective as alternative or replacement for TETRA.