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Broadband wireless infrastructure solutions for Wireless ISP's

The Internet is nowadays a utility service, like water, electricity, and gas and requires infrastructure. Service providers need solutions that require minimal initial expenses, are easy to install and deliver a fast return on investment.

We provide 4-th Generation broadband wireless access equipment including base stations, CPEs, core systems and backhaul. Our systems feature sophisticated technologies such as digital beamforming, spatial nulling, seamless mobility, and built-in voice and trunking services.

With our solutions, ISPs can:

- Deploy fast, with minimum of CapEx and OpEx
- Provide Data, Voice, Video, Trunk Services, SMS all in one system
- Cover vast ranges thanks to Advanced Antenna Technology
- Scalable to hundreds of thousands of users

Our systems are equipped with advanced, 8-element Smart Antenna (Beamforming) technology, that provides much greater range, capacity and efficiency than competing technologies.


Beamforming significantly increases cell range and capacity, resulting in less CapEx/OpEx.
Beamforming significantly increases cell range and capacity.


Highly successful networks based on our technology have been deployed in multiple countries of the world, such as:

- Brazil
- United States
- China
- Sri Lanka
- Cameroon
- Nigeria
- Malawi
- Myanmar
- Thailand
- Panama
- Iraq