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Carrier-Class Broadband Wireless Infrastructure Solutions for Wireless ISPs and Carriers

The Internet is nowadays a utility service, like water, electricity, and gas and requires infrastructure. Service providers and carriers need solutions that require minimal initial expenses, are easy to install and deliver a fast return on investment.

Our solution provides the three critical aspects of the Wireless ISP and Carrier business:


  • Save Time & Money:
    Strong NLoS RF performance results in significantly reduced capital investment, recurring costs, and time to deploy. Compared to traditional wireless systems, our solution reduces CapEx and OpEx by up to 60 percent.

  • Make Money:
    Superior spectral efficiency maximizes user capacity and network density. The result is more satisfied subscribers, better revenues, and quicker Return on Investment.

  • Deliver Multiple Services:
    Mobile, portable and fixed Broadband Internet, Telephony (voice), SMS and value-added services all in one integrated system.


We provide 4-th Generation Broadband Wireless Access equipment (WLL - Wireless Local Loop) including base stations, CPEs, and core systems. Our systems feature sophisticated technologies such as Smart Antennas, interference mitigation, seamless mobility, and built-in voice telephony and trunking services.

Our solutions are deployed in over 20 countries, and are extremely viable for emerging markets - thanks to very large coverage offered by our unique smart antenna technology.

The long range of our technology is a major advantage in rural and new deployments, where carriers have to cover vast areas with a low initial number of subscribers. This results in much less base station cell sites required to cover an area compared to competing technologies, and thus results in a great CapEx and OpEx savings, because less cell sites means less shelters, generators, towers, backhaul, batteries etc. Recurring expenses such as fuel, rent, maintenance, electricity, are also significantly reduced.

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