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Solutions for WiMAX, LTE Operators

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System delivers 3 times more NLoS range than standard WiMAX and LTE, allowing operators to cover targeted areas with less base station sites - significantly reducing Capital Expenses (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OpEx).

StreamStar4 provides up to 18 dB downlink and 9 dB uplink extra gain thanks to its adaptive 8x Smart Antenna array. In radio propagation, each 6 dB added to the link budget improves range by approximately 3 times - demonstrating how StreamStar4 outperforms traditional wireless systems by a factor of 3.

Compared to WiMAX and LTE, StreamStar4 provides up to 60% CapEx and OpEx savings, instantly - thanks to massive RF performance, which reaches more users, farther away, and in deeper Non-Line of Sight conditions.


Quick Comparison: StreamStar4 versus WiMAX
WiMAX 802.16e
Advanced Antenna Systems
8x Phased Array (Beamforming)
2x, 4x MIMO
Interference Rejection
Spatial Nulling (Null-Forming)
Air Interface Technology
Native Voice Support
Native Digital Telephony
NONE (uses VoIP)
Typical Link Budget
165 dB
150 dB
Resource Granularity


The StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System offers:


  • Long Range: 8-Element Smart Antenna offers superior range via Digital Beamforming technology, which is much superior to standard MIMO in terms of signal gain.

  • High Capacity: Smart Antenna gain provides a much higher SNR advantage and thus more capacity by running a higher percentage of high-order modulations, even at cell edges.

  • High Efficiency: ITU-R Standard Hybrid Air Interface combines CDMA and OFDMA and outperforms standard OFDMA on multipath, inter-cell interference, and fading.

  • Granular Resource Management is optimized for both broadband and narrowband applications alike (Data and Voice) resulting in much more efficient resource usage.

  • Voice, Data, SMS messaging, Trunk Services (Push To Talk) are built-in and need no 3rd party VoIP softswitches or end-user ATA devices or software.

  • Fully Transparent Mobility with handoff requires no complicated ASN gateways, mobile IP routers, or client software.



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Product Presentation (PDF) A system and technology overview, Adobe PDF
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