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Solutions for Rural Broadband & Telephony Access

Rural broadband is a significant challenge to many operators - rural areas are large and user density is low, making deployments unprofitable. Landline infrastructure in rural areas is lacking, so the best way to provide services is via wireless - using Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology.

In radio propagation, each 6 dB added to the link budget improves range by approximately 3 times. The StreamStar4 system provides up to 18 dB downlink and 9 dB uplink extra gain thanks to its adaptive 8x Smart Antenna array - vastly increasing range (up to 100 km).

Since building and supporting cell sites is a large expense, the long range advantage significantly reduces Capital Expenses (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OpEx). Operators can reach more users while paying less on infrastructure and maintenance, and acquire new users from rural areas which were previously unreachable.

Application Note: Rural Access (PDF)


The StreamStar4 WLL system offers:


  • Long Distance: Smart Antenna RF technology offers superior range and NLoS - ideal for rural deployments.

  • High Capacity: Smart Antenna provides a strong radio link budget, boosting capacity and efficiency.

  • Broadband Internet, Telephony (Voice), SMS (Short Message Services), Mobility - all in one system.

  • Reduced Capital and Operational Expenses (CapEx/OpEx) due to long range and low power consumption.

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Product Presentation (PDF) A system and technology overview, Adobe PDF
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions A series of Q&A about the system.
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