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Professional Solutions for Military and Public Safety Communications

Our Broadband Wireless Access Systems are capable of providing military-grade wireless communications for Army, Police, Fire Department, Paramedics, Security Convoys, etc.

Compared to TETRA and other Push to Talk (trunk radio) solutions, our systems offer a loger range, superior security against eavesdropping, and high broadband data capacity.

The core radio technology used in our systems (Smart Antenna) has a military heritage - used for secure communications highly resistant to jamming and interception. Being a phased array antenna, it is extremely difficult to intercept.


Some of the uses of the technology are:

  • Army: “digital battlefield” unified wireless communications for ground, air and marine

  • Public Safety: Police, Surveillance, Paramedics, Fire Department, etc.

  • VIP Security: Live video from surveillance helicopters, unified wireless communications, data

  • Private Networks: Portable, Mobile wireless voice, data, messaging and Trunk communications