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Solutions for iBurst Operators

The StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System can provide an advanced, effective replacement for operators of the discontinued iBurst system.

Compared to iBurst, StreamStar4 provides similar RF performance, yet outperforms iBurst by employing a much more granular resource management, more advanced air interface, and built-in voice telephony support.


Quick Comparison: StreamStar4 versus Kyocera iBurst
Advanced Antenna Systems
8x Phased Array (Beamforming)
12-Element Phased Array
Carrier Size
5 MHz
5 MHz
Air Interface Technology
Native Voice Support
Native Digital Telephony
NONE (uses VoIP)
Voice Calls per BTS
Up to 300
24 (96 at full SDMA)
TDD DL/UL Ratios
8 Modes (1:7 to 7:1)
Fixed 2:1


The StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System offers:


  • Long Range: 8-Element Smart Antenna offers superior range via Digital Beamforming technology, which is much superior to standard MIMO in terms of signal gain.

  • High Capacity: Smart Antenna gain provides a much higher SNR advantage and thus more capacity by running a higher percentage of high-order modulations, even at cell edges.

  • High Efficiency: ITU-R Standard Hybrid Air Interface combines CDMA and OFDMA and outperforms standard OFDMA on multipath, inter-cell interference, and fading.

  • Granular Resource Management is optimized for both broadband and narrowband applications alike (Data and Voice) resulting in much more efficient resource usage.

  • Voice, Data, SMS messaging, Trunk Services (Push To Talk) are built-in and need no 3rd party VoIP softswitches or end-user ATA devices or software.

  • Fully Transparent Mobility with handoff requires no complicated ASN gateways, mobile IP routers, or client software.



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