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Solutions for CDMA, EVDO Operators

CDMA and EVDO are mature, but old technologies. While their capacity and performance were sufficient 10 years ago, the current demand for broadband can no longer be satisfied with old technologies. CDMA has inherent design flaws that do not allow it to scale, and that severely limits the data rates, subscriber numbers, and revenues.


Compared to CDMA / EVDO, the StreamStar4 WLL systems offers:


  • Longer Range: Advanced Smart Antenna technology delivers long range without using huge, power-hungry RF amplifiers. Superior signal gain is achieved using intelligence instead of raw power.

  • Higher Capacity: Smart Antenna gain provides a much higher SNR and thus more capacity, especially on the uplink which is a serious bottleneck with CDMA and EVDO.

  • Hybrid Air Interface: Optimal blend of SCDMA and OFDMA vastly outperforms plain CDMA and does not suffer from the notorious CDMA "cell breathing" effect.

  • Multi-Service: Voice, Broadband Data and Internet, SMS messaging, Trunk Services (Push To Talk) all in one.


Alloyant StreamStar4 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System offers a significant range and capacity advantage over CDMA and allows operators to cover targeted areas with much less cell sites than needed with CDMA, while delivering much more capacity than CDMA can support.

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Product Presentation (PDF) A system and technology overview, Adobe PDF
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