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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

Built-in Voice Telephony Support

StreamStar4 broadband wireless solutions are designed not only for broadband data, but also for efficient, high-capacity, integrated voice services.


  • Desktop terminals are equipped with FXS voice port for POTS services, or come as fully integrated desktop and mobile phone sets with voice, data, and SMS (Short Message Services) capabilities.
  • The terminals have built-in voice coder and do not require any third-party software, softswitches, or ATA devices. Voice support is 100% native at the Air Interface, Base Stations, and terminals.
  • The voice subsystem uses only 8 kbps per call and employs frame aggregation - significantly reducing airlink and backhaul requirements, as opposed to standard VoIP which uses as much as 64 kbps per call.
  • Mobility is built-in into all terminals with seamless handoff. The system can be used for fixed, portable, and mobile broadband data and voice.


CPE with mobile broadband data and voice support