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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System - Supported Frequency Bands : 700 MHz

700 MHz is a band with extreme long distance and coverage. Our 4G Point to Multipoint systems are FCC certified for operating on this band.

Lower frequency bands are especially viable for covering rural areas, where the distances are large and user density is low. The combination of low frequency propagation advantages and our beamforming technology allows covering rural areas extremely effectively.


Band Frequency Range
700 MHz (FCC) 698-746 MHz


Other Supported Frequency Bands

Band Frequency Range
300 MHz 336-344 MHz
400 MHz 400-430 MHz
1.8 GHz (GSM Guardband) 1785-1805 MHz
2.1 GHz 2150-2180 MHz
2.5 GHz 2525-2560 MHz
3.4 GHz 3300-3400 MHz
Custom Frequency Bands 200 MHz - 3500 MHz