Alloyant: High Performance Broadband Wireless Networks
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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

Core Network Subsystems: Voice Telephony, Data, SMS, Element Management

StreamStar4 broadband wireless access system is a complete ecosystem with high-capacity, scalable all-IP distributed architecture core elements, supporting mobile voice, data, SMS, and element management.


StreamStar4 Core network elements are:

  • HLR (Home Location Register): software service that handles terminal mobility, authentication and user profiles (Grade of Service, Telephone Number, CPE Hardware IDs etc.)

  • EMS (Element Management System): software service and GUI management platform that manages the base stations: configuration, management, monitoring, software upgrades (OTA), diagnostics, etc.

  • Database Servers: Oracle for user database, MySQL for EMS configuration and data.

  • SAC (Service Aggregation Controller): hardware DSP-based switch that handles all voice calls between terminals and between external networks (PSTN, SIP). SAC provides TDM E1 or STM-1 (C7/SS7) interfaces to PSTN networks, and SIP interface to NGN networks. Models are available to support from 128 to 10,000 simultaneous calls. SAC is only required when voice telephony services are needed.


Billing support is built-in to the base stations and voice access switch. Billing can be performed in a variety of models and types (prepaid, postpaid, etc.) using an integrated billing platform, and also can be integrated to any 3rd party billing system via standard interfaces, CDR and API integration.


Broadband Wireless Network Core Diagram

Network Diagram