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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

Smart Antenna Technology (Beamforming)

StreamStar4 uses an advanced 8-element Smart Antenna system (array of 8 transceivers and antennas) that triples the system range, capacity and efficiency.

The Smart Antenna Array performs Beamforming - an intelligent digital signal processing algorithm that shapes the radio beam towards the receiver, thus significantly improving system gain by up to 64 times.

In addition to the physical antenna gain, the beamforming algorithm can achieve +18 dB (64x power improvement) downlink beamforming gain, and + 9 dB uplink gain (8x power improvement). The signal gain provided by beamforming is equivalent to adding huge power amplifiers to the base station and the CPE, which is physically difficult and inefficient. Beamforming achieves the same result with intelligence rather than raw power.


  • Beamforming significantly reduces leakage of signal in undesired directions, unlike conventional antenna systems. This reduces interference between cells, allowing much denser network deployments and operation with limited spectrum.

  • Beamforming effectively increases system receive and transmit gain, increasing the system range and capacity by permitting more radio losses to be sustained and higher order modulations to be achieved.
  • True digital beamforming is significantly superior to simpler diversity techniques such as MIMO and AAS.

  • SDMA (Spatial Division Multiple Access) is a native and natural component of the Smart Antenna System.

  • The base station transmit and receive path is continuously adapted to each terminal every 10 milliseconds.


The base station is equipped with an array of 8 transmit-receive antennas, transceivers, and a bank of DSPs (Digital Signal Processors). The system keeps track of every CPE's spatial signature (the specific pattern of phase and amplitude unique to each CPE and its location) and then applies that signature to transmissions towards and from that CPE. The specifically shaped signals are combined in the air by natural coherence and their total energy is significantly increased.


StreamStar Smart Antenna Omni Array

inside our Smart Antenna: 8 discrete antenna elements form the 8x array