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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

Base Transceiver Stations - BTS

StreamStar4 features advanced, high-performance Base Stations built using the SDR (Software Defined Radio) split-mount architecture, supporting broadband data, telephony (voice), messaging (SMS) and full mobility with seamless handoff.

StreamStar4 MACRO Base Stations provide a much stronger RF link budget compared to conventional single antenna or MIMO systems, and thus provide superior coverage.

StreamStar4 MICRO Base Stations are full-outdoor compact units equipped with a smaller antenna array, and are used for quick network capacity insertion.


SS4 Macro Base Station: 8x Smart Antenna Array SS4 Micro Base Station: 2x Smart Antenna Array



SS4 Macro Base Station - Specs
Digital Baseband Unit (BBU)
Function BTS Baseband Processor - Air Interface, Beamforming, RRM, MAC, Voice, Mobility, GPS Sync
Form Factor 1 RU device
Backhaul Interface Ethernet
RRU Interface Single-Mode Fiber Optical, ST
Power +48 VDC, 1.5 A
Remote Radio Unit (RRU)
Function BTS Antenna Array Transceiver
Antenna Ports 8x N-Type F
Transmit Power +33 dBm (2 Watts) per Antenna Port (2 * 8)
Power +48 VDC, 9 A
Smart Antenna Arrays
Function BTS Antenna Array
Antenna Array Elements 8
Coverage Pattern Omni-Directional (360 Degree) or Sector (120 Degree)


SS4 Micro Base Station - Specs
Function Integrated BTS - Air Interface, Beamforming, RRM, MAC, Voice, Mobility, RF, GPS Sync
Form Factor All-Outdoor BTS Unit
Backhaul Interface Ethernet
Antenna Ports 2x N-Type F
Power +48 VDC, 1.5 A