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Header: Mobile and Fixed broadband wireless radio access systems

StreamStar4 Broadband Wireless Access System - FAQ

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+ What is StreamStar4 ?

It's a broadband wireless access system. Essentially, it's all the equipment that wireless carriers or ISPs need to deploy and provide broadband wireless Internet and telephony. It's a complete ecosystem - base stations, terminals (CPE), core network systems, and management software.

StreamStar4 provides superior indoor and outdoor range (coverage), efficiency, and capacity. Compared to traditional wireless systems, StreamStar reduces CapEx and OpEx by 30 to 60 percent. The core technology is an official ITU-R standard and has been deployed in over 20 countries with networks exceeding 100,000 subscribers.

+ What are the advantages of StreamStar4 ?

There are many - but first and foremost StreamStar4 provides a very strong RF subsystem, based on advanced Smart Antenna technology. In wireless broadband, RF is the most critical part of the network, because to serve your users you need to reach them. In our system, the uncompromised radio performance means you can provide service at longer distances, even for users who are indoors or who are mobile.

Long range means you don't need to build a lot of cell sites to provide coverage, and this is a major saving: cell sites cost a lot of money to build and to operate. Installing less cell sites also takes less time, so carriers can achieve coverage and air superiority faster than competitors.

+ What services does StreamStar4 provide ?

StreamStar4 is built to serve broadband Internet access, voice (telephony), SMS (Short Message Services), video, and anything that can be carried over IP. It is designed to use air (frequency) resources in an extremely efficient manner and supports full mobility. The same system can be used for fixed (FWA/BWA), mobile, and nomadic (portable) applications.


+ On what frequencies does StreamStar4 operate ?

StreamStar4 is available on many licensed frequencies from 300 MHz to 3.5 GHz. Most popular licensed frequency bands are already supported, and we can design and manufacture a custom band if required.


+ Is StreamStar4 better than technologies like CDMA, WiMAX, LTE ?

Technologically speaking, yes. StreamStar4 implements a sophisticated smart antenna system that has no equivalent in those other technologies. Also, we have an advanced Hybrid Air Interface, which takes all the best properties of CDMA and OFDMA protocols and merges them, making a very efficient hybrid that the competing systems don't have.

When carriers require a system that delivers long range, efficient built-in telephony, and very high spectral efficiency, our system answers all those needs.


+ Who makes StreamStar4 ?

StreamStar4 is based on advanced military technology adapted for commercial use and provided to Alloyant Wireless Technologies under license. Please contact us to obtain more information.