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We Do Only One Thing And We Excel At It - Broadband Wireless.

Our Specialty: Broadband Wireless
  Here at Alloyant Wireless Technologies we are experts in broadband wireless access systems, microwave backhaul, and next-generation IP network solutions.

Specializing in broadband wireless technologies, we have over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications field and have a comprehensive portfolio of projects and customers around the world.

Our Core Market: The World
  Our core market is the whole world - our products can be used anywhere where there is a need for broadband Internet and voice communications - that is, practically, anywhere on the planet.

We are located in Dubai, UAE - this gives us access to world-class personnel, a tax-free gulf shipping port, and an extremely stable business environment.

Our Business Model: Solutions, Solutions, Solutions.
  We do not manufacture the products we sell - we are official OEM licensees for top of the line international vendors.

We provide solutions including system and business planning, installation, training and support, and our products provide an extremely viable business case for startup and established telecommunications providers alike.

Our principal philosophy is to spend less time looking for new customers, and more time looking after our customers.


Why Alloyant?

An alloy is a combination of elements which is stronger than the individual components. For instance, copper and tin are brittle, soft metals. But combined, they make bronze - an alloy that is strong and durable. It is the perfect combination of elements that makes a successful, tough alloy.

We believe in the Alloy principle. From products to technologies and to team members, it is the combination of all elements that delivers success.


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