Alloyant: High Performance Broadband Wireless Networks
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  Carrier-Class Broadband Wireless Access Systems

Fixed, Mobile and Portable Telephony, Broadband Internet, Messaging - all in one complete ecosystem including Core, Base Stations, and User Terminals (CPE).


  WiMAX, LTE Operators - Reduce CapEx and OpEx with our Broadband Wireless Access Systems.
  CDMA, EVDO Operators - Our Base Stations Support More Customers With Less Infrastructure.
  Wireless ISPs - Achieve Superior NLoS Coverage, Fast and with Minimal Capital Expense.
  Rural Broadband - Our Smart Antenna Radio Technology Delivers Extremely Long Range, Making Rural Broadband Commercially Viable.
  Alloyant Wireless Technologies is a Supplier of High Performance Point to Multipoint Broadband Wireless Equipment and Solutions for Carriers and Service Providers.

  Article - Beamforming: Technology and Advantages - An introduction to the "Smart Antenna" technologies.  
  Download Our Application Note: Rural Access (PDF)  



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